Saturday, June 22, 2013

Portables with a curve


  1. A clever comparison.

    Of course, the RNP is not obsolete -- it still does what it was meant to do. ;)

  2. I've still got my iBook. Not bad for use, until you come across video content.

  3. Ah, very true, of course it isn't :-)

    Actually both work fine. It is their dependencies on outside elements that is limiting; mostly for the iBook (on OS9.1 no recent browsers, yet still very pleasant for use 'offline').

    Both had repairs done and new parts fitted, but I suspect it'll be hard to keep the iBook running for another 14 years whereas I think the RNP will easily last another 80. Hmm, something about perhaps a correlation between product lifetimes and connectedness...

    1. I've always liked the iBook; still open to obtaining one so I appreciate the info you shared.