Friday, November 29, 2013

Used book


  1. Speaking of the possibilities of the digital age, it took me a long time to get a Kindle, and now I wouldn't go back to buying paper books - except for those items it's impossible to get a digital copy of - anything by Edward Albee for instance - and many other stage plays.

  2. Oh yes! I love Abebooks. It has been around a long time -- I discovered it in the mid-'90s. I always try to use it instead of Amazon.

  3. That's a beautiful typeface, you're lucky ot have it.

  4. Nice. I love discoveries like that!

  5. Maybe it's generational, but I'm actually increasingly fond of the physical copy that I really own and control. Did have several ebooks on my Palm V (some time ago...), even read some on the little screen (when traveling). Do like the actual book; especially an older book is a carrier of more information than the text itself :-)

    Am liking it also; even though Amazon also carries 2nd hand, Abebooks does feel much more like wandering around a 2nd hand bookshop than Amazon does. Doubly remarkable that it is owned by Amazon!

    @Ton: It is and I am :-)
    The grandchildren of the original owner always meant to display it and thought it had such an elegant typeface. But just never got round to it and were now cleaning out their attic: so it was sold (to me).

    With a backstory and origin; the elegant typeface an unexpected discovery in my 1st purchased machine.