Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lower Clapton Road

This record I just bought came in a sturdy cardboard sleeve from a record store. (Amazingly, today in 2014 there are online stores where you can just browse their catalogue of 78's and order your pick.)

So just being curious, entered the address on Lower Clapton Road in the Google Maps page. It is indeed in London (E5), but what threw me is that streetview for the address shows an electrical goods store. Is that what this music store evolved into?

Well maybe not, but in around about that area there was a shop with thousands of disks to choose from.

No such shops today, but of course now the net with many thousands to choose from.


  1. Music shops, especially piano dealers, have evaporated like wraiths since the days when this 78 was sold. There is a resurgence, in the UK at least, of an enthusiasm for vinyl though - new and used. Enjoy the music!

    1. Tnx, I do! :-)
      Much the same here with shops on this corner of the continent, nearly all gone. Resurgence ditto; actually found out that quite a few colleagues have and enjoy vinyl. Shellac still a bit rare...