Sunday, May 17, 2015

Classical album

A while back I managed to get a couple of classical albums. These are proper, hardcover albums with gold lettering and tied with a ribbon. (Now that is worlds away in experience from the average plastic CD case.) 

Containing 4 or 6 large 12" shellac records, they also weigh some. These are from the Columbia Masterworks series of classical works and date from 1927 and '28.

They're overall in good condition and still sound quite good when played on the contemporary HMV. Listening to a classical work this way is a much more active experience than it is with more recent music formats. After every 5 minutes or so, the record needs to be changed, a new needle placed and the gramophone rewound. For every record side there is a small description in the accompanying booklet, as well as some more historical context for the work.

The later album has the notes printed on every sleeve page and the records are at 78 rpm. The older set is still at the Columbia standard speed of 80 rpm.

Classical albums, tied with a ribbon :)

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  1. Life at a slower rpm - taking a trip back in time to smell the roses, aurally.