Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer break

Something different;  came across this article on how to build a small monoplane.

(from the March '28 issue of Boy's Life)

Curious and it seemed simple, so with some cardboard and a bit of wood something to try.

The small monoplane is easy to build and assemble and actually flies very well. The stick was a bit thin so instead of filing a notch a small length of toothpick was glued in a drilled hole.

Having the rubber band on a launch stick as in the article is actually helpful. Especially for the kids. It is easier to launch and less chance of launching the stick straight onto their thumb (‘Ow!’).

One added modification was to make quarter inch pencil markings on the stick. This makes it easier to experiment with the position of the wings on the stick (and restore after a crash-landing). The positions as drawn by Kenneth S. Gurney actually do work best - he probably experimented a bit as well :-)

Nice one for the summer break!

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