Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Parts machine, a #2 with early features

This is a parts machine. It was advertised as non-working and the seller delivered exactly as described :)

This British assembled Remington Portable typewriter NV700212 has been dealt several blows, deforming the typebar lifting mechanism and the protecting hooks so that it won't move at all. It also had repairs done over time, with some keycaps getting new rings and losing its right carriage adjustment parts. Today it is very dilapidated, dirty and not working - designated a parts machine.

For a 1927 machine it has a few uncommonly 'early' Remington Portable #1 features. It still has the narrow disk-like ribbon reversing knobs and the old style ribbon spool locks. Also no bulge in the ribbon color-set slot, this one is still straight. The top-plate also is of a different design, looks much more like the older #1 design with the flat endings. However it does have room for the #2 hooks and mechanism.

There was clearly a lot of variation on details with these machines. The change from #1 to the #2 is a bit diffuse, with many new design elements gradually being implemented (and reverting also). Maybe especially so with production at their international factories.

The carrying case still is quite decent. That will come in handy as a replacement for a moldy case-lid. Also the platen looks to be in very good condition.

An unexpected nice touch. A label stuck to the inside of the case lid with 'the moving finger' poem by Omar Khayam. (Well, the English translation...)

Apt perhaps; the moving finger certainly did write on this little machine.


  1. The case looks great, and the Omar Khayam poem tucked away inside is so funny. I am tempted to print out The Moving Finger poem and keep it with my typewriters - it may help me stay focused while I type. I send out some pretty strange, rambling typewritten letters.

  2. Wonderful post! A very personal thank you for documenting your RP2 process so diligently: I am currently repairing my daughter's "2" and I could not have gotten this far without you :) Kind regards,

  3. Thank you :) Very glad it is coming in useful. Hope your #2 comes together, they can be very nice machines to work on (and with).