Monday, July 11, 2016

Spotted! Hey that's the one that I made...

Scanning the vast library that is the internet for documentation for my new Corona Four typewriter, stumbled across a seller of reprints. Browsing the other items listed by this Canadian seller, spotted a familiar leaflet amongst his large collection of printed manuals.

That's a gramophone that I have. That's a leaflet that I have. That actually is the leaflet that I made!

Based on photo's of original, worn leaflets I created a reproduction from scratch. For images I used scans from record sleeves and tweaked the whole to look 'right'. The typography of the front page is almost right, with Garamond in different styles.

Some of the small differences with the typeface of the original are that the serifs of the capital 'T' extend over the line, the original is flat, and that the slant of the capitals is less than the slant of lower case italic text (top line).

Another difference with an actual original is the advertisements on the last page. These are correct HMV texts and images that I took from HMV record sleeves. The speed tester image however shows a gramophone with a No. 5 soundbox and arm - that makes it slightly period incorrect. (That's why I cropped it to not show the actual soundbox :)

The printing of the seller is a bit off unfortunately, not nicely centred on the page. Also it should really be printed on an A3-sized sheet and then cut to size. For printing your own, I provide a PDF file with folding and cutting guides.

Posted and shared these files online on this blog a while back. The 'part no.' on the edge of the last page I changed to 2014D, this was the fourth version I made in 2014 :-)

Oh, methinks I also recognise my scan of a Remington Portable instruction booklet amongst the offerings. Printing on A4 works fairly well for this document, though it should really be just a little larger. Pity that the seller didn't print the cover in color. Made quite an effort to properly scan and isolate the text from the background, but now realise I probably haven't posted that page online yet. Printing on greenish-grey thick paper then captures the look and feel of the original very well then.

So I think "spotted"!

Ah well. Would've been nice to see the seller state that these are available digitally as well or provide a link, but it's a service to be able to buy these manuals ready printed. (Maybe will mail him my better color front-page.)

Unexpected. Still - nice to see some of my scans 'proliferate' :-)