Friday, September 30, 2016

Art and Pleasure

Become member of the society "Art and Pleasure". 

Was playing some records from a stack of early thirties' records and came across this advert on a record sleeve.

Not a bad offer for getting continued variety in records, though still significant money. This record-club was run by the record and gramophone shop of Kiekens in Harlem, then located on number 24 Breestraat (Broadway). Probably long defunct (as will be the society "Art and Pleasure").

(Broadway in old Harlem is actually anything but broad - rather a narrow street by today's standards :)


  1. Yours is an exclusive club. You must feel like a time traveller when you listen to these. :)

    1. I do - true it's a glimpse, a visiting of another time.

      (The 78s club is probably small today, but not too exclusive. :-)