Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Somebody just had to already have tried this

When something can be imagined, then there is bound to be somebody that has actually tried it.

And so it is with the suggestion that a typewriter could perhaps be constructed from Meccano. This fine example is shown here on a blurry scan from the 1932 book of prize winning models.

Meccano could actually be very good to show and experiment with various methods of creating a typewriter linkage from keypress to swinging typebar. The machine constructed by Mr Pantanella does go much further however.

Almost like creating a model of the Notre Dame from matches - definitely taking it to another level...


  1. Ha! It's hard to believe that this could work — but maybe!

  2. Heh, of course you managed to link Meccano with typewriters :D
    Now to build one of your own using vintage bits...

  3. It'd be an achievement - but using letter block-stamps and a half-inch pitch for the writing I'd say it was definitely doable. Finding that the vintage Meccano is a very good mechanical engineering prototyping kit :)
    Having said that - a typewriter as complex as that must've cost a fortune in parts. Rich kid! Come to that - still would cost a fortune in vintage parts ;-)
    Out of reach... best to get a real typewriter (vintage)...