Friday, March 2, 2018

Using a crisp Portable (and not smiling)

Another scene from an older black & white movie. This is from a bigger-budget feature film of 1939, she is using an early 'twenties Remington Portable.

As she inspects the machine and then goes on to type a note on it, she still is not really smiling.

How can you be using a clean and crisp little Remington Portable and not have a smile on your face. She definitely is acting, must be.

As proof that she can smile, even laugh - later in this film she does actually laugh. (At the time that was noted as quite an event of itself.)


  1. Perhaps she is writing a sad note? Still, she does not know how lucky she is to find an early Remington in mint condition.....oh, its' an early film ;-)

    1. A while ago indeed - the little machine unlikely to have remained mint :) (Though by '39 it definitely wasn't the most modern item either.)
      (Oh and not sad, bur rather stern and serious (and worrying Iranov, Buljanov and Kopalsky)).