Sunday, April 28, 2019

With case, ready to go

With the old case polished up nicely, this Remington Portable typewriter is ready to go.

The case is still sturdy and protects the machine well, but has had a replacement handle fitted some time during the past 90-odd years. Unfortunately the inside of the case is discoloured, e.g. showing the marks where the original warranty label was torn off.

Despite all that, the machine is screwed firmly to the base with new rubber feet and is again well protected. The final parts fitted back on the machine were the paper fingers at the back of the carriage,  then completing the machine with a new ribbon as well.

With pictures taken outside in sunlight, the machine is ready to travel and has been put up for sale on the local classified site.

That then concludes the project of machine NV700212 - we'll see :)

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