Tuesday, June 29, 2021

L C Smith - the ball bearing Office Machine

A small promotional booklet published by L C Smith (& Corona) of Aldwych House, London on their programme of standard office machines.

The booklet explains the standard L C Smith typewriters and the many varied attachments that are available for them. Apart from platens in different hardness, also a variety of specialty platens. There must have been thousands made also of these special platens, but haven't seen any of these - perhaps not many survived.

Even though this is very much about the large standards, the booklet ends with the Corona - they are also the makers of The Personal Writing Machine!

The complete booklet about the L C Smith ball bearing Office Machine is available on The Archive.


  1. "The period and comma cannot perforate the paper as on some machines." Why'd THAT feature go away?

    1. Hm yes - it does sound like a good idea. (That is, if it worked of course - anyone have a No.8 and tested that the period doesn't punch paper?)