Friday, June 10, 2022

Typewriters and cameras collectors museum

A couple of days after picking-up a Hammond Multiplex typewriter, finally got round to visiting the local little typewriter museum. Had been planning to go for years, but now finally got the push to do so :)

It is a small-scale 'collecting museum', with both a collection of Agfa cameras and a collection of typewriters. In display-cases an amazing array of Hammond machines! And many other machines too - a great cross-section of machines on display around one side of the building.

On the subject of Hammond machines; also shown were the small wooden boxes with type-shuttles - once available from Hammond for 4 dollar apiece. (Today less readily available - perhaps something to try with 3D printing...)

On the subject of Hammond type-shuttles; also in the collection this wooden storage-box with an extensive set of shuttles. Type for all the languages available for the Hammond - pretty special to see :)

The camera collection was likewise interesting to discover. Recognised some cameras (that's our Billy Record!) and learned more about the development and variation of these very 20th century items. Both the typewriter and the camera collectors (or curators) were present, so great information on all the exhibits.

Overall a great little museum - well worth a visit. Some rare machines seen now 'in real life' and able to see how big (or small) e.g. an old Remington up-strike machine really is. With expert information from the knowledgeable collectors themselves - and a cup of coffee too.

An enjoyable afternoon-trip, completed with a walk around the grounds of the former Jongemastate castle nearby. (The moat and the 1603-built gatehouse are still there, but nothing else of the old buildings remains...)

(Those Hammonds looked magnificent - something to aim for in the restoration of the newly acquired Hammond :-)

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