Friday, September 30, 2022

Typewriter safari - mostly modern machines

A lunchtime stroll round the local thrift-store, several typewriters this time. 

This orange Olivetti tried hard to blend in on the orange-table. Despite the camouflage, the typewriter was spotted and pictured :-)

Next typewriter spotted was a large, black Olympia 8 standard. This would date from the late 1930s and had plenty of rust and a broken drawband (and likely more things out of order). Probably very decorative in an 'industrial decor', but otherwise only suitable as a source of spare parts (if you're fixing up an old Olympia).

The next item spotted was something unusual; a Kodascope Model E complete with its case. This 16mm film-projector would date from the late 1930s to early 40s. Still had its spool too and the top-cover probably was at the bottom of the case. A very neat looking item, but left there - already have so many black carrying cases ;-)

Also just sitting there, was a clean-looking blue Brother.

Nothing purchased during this lunch-time walk, although that Kodascope was tempting!

Not tempting at all were the Antares and Brother on a shelf in the next-door thrift-store... ;-)


  1. That Antares with the side handle is a neat design, has a tray in the bottom for spare paper storage, I think. (:

    1. Ah, hadn't even noticed the side-handle, that's an original idea. Only noted the A-logo on the lid (and quickly stepped away from an overwhelming amount of plastic ;-)