Friday, March 3, 2023

Early Underwood 3-bank Standard Portable Typewriter

Had been on the look-out for an early 3-bank Underwood Portable typewriter for some time. The earlier version is most easily recognisable by the shallower front-panel and flatter, less-curved segment. Earlier this week was able to pick one up as part of a larger batch of machines.

After getting the machines home, quickly looking on the frame near the front-right foot of the machine there was no sign of the serial number. However the machine was (is) rather dirty. 

Double checked in The Database that the serial really should be in that spot; targeted cleaning then revealed the serial number - with surprisingly few digits.

This is thus likely indeed machine number 3531 of the Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter. Not certain what number these were started at (100? 500?), but it definitely is a relatively early specimen from 1920 (the first 'real' production year).

Apart from the lower front-panel and segment, there are multiple small difference with later mid-1920s 3-bank Underwood machines. E.g. the return-lever mounting - and of course 'patent pending' on the back-panel instead of the patents list.

This machine 3531 definitely counts as succes in getting an early 3-bank Underwood :-)

With much fun to be had with cleaning and exploring this brilliant little engineering-marvel.

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  1. Enjoy! The earliest one in collectors' hands seems to be #569: