Thursday, April 27, 2023

April 2023 typewriter safari

Just on the off-chance of finding something interesting (it does happen); on the way home sometimes make a detour for a quick visit to the local thrift store. The two near-identical Olympias seen in January are still there, now surrounded by even more beige machines. Though to be fair, the Brother in the top-right corner does have faux wood-grain on its front-panel :)

The week after, the 'modern'-machines were joined by a wooden, leatherette-covered typewriter case. The case with a very German 1930s style and fittings, but in drab grey.

The case-lock was hard to open, first thought was that it'd been locked. But just stiff - probably dust and congealed old oil, not been opened for decades. Inside; a Remington de Luxe! In a rather drab greenish-grey.

Even though it says Remington de Luxe on the paper-table, this is not a Remington design. As was suggested by the case, this is a German typewriter, a re-branded Torpedo model 18. Dutch keyboard and plastic key-tops, probably a 1950 - 1952 machine. Remington owned Torpedo, and I can imagine that in 1950 the Remington name would sell better in The Netherlands.

In the store next-door, again a light-coloured Olympia.

But this one a very nice, sleek Olympia SF from around 1960, on a shelf without a case-lid. Some discolouration of the top-lid, but it may also just be dirt. The top panel was lying loose, so snapped it back on the machine. The mechanism looked clean and in great condition - this little SF should be snapped-up by someone soon.

May be spring-cleaning will again reveal some older typewriters in the stores, but perhaps the attics are by now really empty of pre-war machines. Mostly the beige-era machines that are still hiding in cupboards and attics :-)


  1. Quite a few nice daily drivers there. I'd'a snapped up a few, though I suppose many of those machines are quite common where you are (:

  2. Some of these would be considered exotic in the US, as Ted suggested.

  3. Ah, yes - Olympia and Erika are fairly common here. Though this was the first SF I'd ever seen.