Friday, June 30, 2023

Clipless paper fastener, all-steel version

The all-steel version of the Ideal Clipless paper fastener.

Simply marked as 'Clipless' paper fastener. No longer marked Ideal or 'CK', not marked that it's made in Japan either. The construction and the same Japanese patent numbers however clearly make this the all-steel successor version of the 'Ideal'.

Noticeable corrosion, green felt can be seen in the seam around the edge of the base.

This remnant shows that the blackened steel base would have been covered with green felt originally.

This seems to be a less-common item. The wooden-cased product is described by American Stationer and there is e.g. a specimen in an Australian collection. There is however very little information about this later version, reported to be introduced in 1922.

This all-steel version is actually not so much steel, even though it does give this impression. There still is a wooden block inside as the base of the machine. The nickelled base and cover are actually made of brass, only the bottom-plate is made of blackened mild steel.

Despite its more industrial, mass-production appearance, the manufacturing-methods used in this device suggest hand-work in relatively small numbers.

After a cleaning and oiling, this Japanese version of the ingenious Bump-method fastener works fine. New, green felt of a similar shade again covers the base, fitted in the same way with a draw-string - elegant, that.

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