Sunday, March 24, 2024

Gebruiksaanwijzing voor de Mignon-schrijfmachine (Oskar Markx)

User-instructions for the Mignon-typewriter, from the exclusive importer for The Netherlands; 'AEG-Typewriter Importing', Oskar Markx, Amsterdam. A very informative post about him is at the Schrijfmachine blog.

This booklet was folded-up in the cardboard box that'd normally be supplied with the machine. Sourced from the local classifieds-site - now again with a Dutch-language Mignon Model 4, however a machine without the Oskar Markx label. (Many Mignon's of the late 1920s  in The Netherlands have a decal of Oskar Markx, importer. Just not this machine, maybe not imported by his company or the labeling was not always done.)

The content is the Dutch translation of the original, German instructions; everything you need to know to set-up and use the Mignon. It also is very optimistic on typing speed; claiming a speed of 250 to 300 characters per minute is achievable with a bit of practice.

That's 5 characters per second - quite a feat!

But for just getting to typing with the machine, the instructions are now scanned and uploaded to The Archive, for reading and/or downloading a PDF copy :)

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