Friday, May 17, 2024

With their catalogue picture (calipers were expensive)

Browsing, noticed that both my calipers are shown on this same page of a 1950s workshop tool-catalogue. The illustrations show pretty much the exact, same instruments.

This catalogue also showed that also the little brass pocket-caliper was a fairly expensive item back in the 50ies - listed at Hfl 4.43.

The larger vernier-caliper was even more expensive at Hfl 14.29 -that's a significant amount of money (or rather, it was back then). A loaf of bread would have been around 20 cents; so using the loaves-index the vernier-caliper was a little over 70 loaves. With today's price for a loaf of 2 to 3 Euro, that translates to around 175 Euro (or Dollar) in today's money. And that's the plain steel version, nickelled it was 2 guilders more; around 200 Euro.

These two calipers were expensive instruments when new. But as now proven, these instruments can last decades. The vernier's scale is adjustable and the instrument is still quite serviceable. Expensive, but probably good value for the money :-)

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