Monday, June 10, 2024

Oiling the level too

After topping-up the oil level in an adding machine, also added oil to the spirit level :)

At 2.50 a relatively expensive thrift-store find, but it looked intact and had a brass "JNij" medallion; so made by J. Nooitgedacht & Zn, IJlst. A well-known (at least here) maker of woodworking tools and skates, started in 19th century and now defunct.

The tool is made of oak with brass fittings. The protective covers over the levels are 'plexiglas', so probably a 1950s item.

By coincidence, also this exact item is pictured in the 1950s tool catalogue.

The description fits, including the optional extra 'feet'; brass end-plates. The description also confirmed that it originally was delivered 'oiled'.

When picked-up from the tools-bin at the store, it looked rather dirty, dry and tired. After wiping with soft-soap to remove much dirt, a few helpings of boiled linseed oil were applied with a rag. After a good rubbing, the wood regains 'depth' and is protected for another couple of decades use as a tool.

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