Friday, July 5, 2024

New typeshuttles for the Hammond - more iterations

It's getting there.

It's iterative development, almost every prototype uncovered something new to improve or a new fault-mode.

Now at version 14 of the reproduction typeshuttle, the mechanical function and interaction with the machine is fine. The design is now at the stage where precision of the type itself needs improving. The rapid prototyping strips can't create proper stems of e.g. the 'p' or 'h', as can be seen from the type-sample.

Original at the left, reproduction at the right.

The Hammond typewriter itself is an impressively complex (and finicky) piece of machinery - my Multiplex needs some work done too :)


  1. Keep going! — It is amazing what precision and complexity were possible at the Hammond factory.

  2. :-)
    Absolutely; the typing process of the Hammond is an impressive balance of many parts!

    In comparison, making reproduction Mignon cylinders was surprisingly easy ;)