Friday, February 27, 2015

Cleaned black case

Polished and cleaned, rust mostly removed and the leather handle repaired with new stitching.

And the contents.

A Bausch & Lomb 'medical' microscope. Had been on the look-out for a while for a nice instrument, usable and of the period. Not for any particular make, but this B&L instrument came available and pick-up could very helpfully be arranged with the seller. 

This specific model of microscope turns out to be quite common in the US, but is extremely rare over here on the continent. The vast majority of instruments here of that period are of German makes, but in this case a medical student chose to buy new an imported Bausch & Lomb instrument when starting his study in Utrecht in 1938.

Microscope serial number 253183. 

According to online serial number lists, this makes it manufactured in 1936. Still works fine!


  1. Oh, that's gorgeous. Very nice!

  2. Would never have guessed!

  3. That's beautiful... I gotta get myself one of those..

  4. Yes, it absolutely is a fine instrument. More complicated than I thought. (The use and care will require some study!)