Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Odd practice board teaches touch typing

Another mention of the Tuch-Rite blind-typing training tool. This time it gets a brief paragraph and a photograph in the February ('38) issue of Popular Science. The device that aims to teach touch-typing without a typewriter (oxymoron?) is illustrated in use with an actual typewriter sitting right in front of the user.

From the article the Tuch-Rite was not only publicized around that time, but actually was launched and for sale. On the market within 2 years after filing and before the patent was published.

A new invention then, exactly as promised on the magazine cover.

(Could be a theme with these front covers; again a streamlined bike. This time it is motorcycles with a very sleek 'sidecar' machine.)


  1. Ideal for some (comparatively) silent typing practice!

    1. Ah yes!
      There may be its unique selling point - practice without making a racket :-)