Sunday, September 6, 2015

More sleeve designs

Another set of 78rpm shellac record sleeves. As the earlier set of images, record labels sleeve designs from mid thirties to early forties. German labels, except for the British HMV sleeve, very business-like compared to e.g. the Electrola. Electrola was the German label of HMV, or rather of EMI by that time. The Electrola name was founded in '25 by The Gramophone Company after their German unit was seized during WW1. Because the German unit (Deutsche Grammophon) could not use its label outside of Germany, they created Polydor as their export name. Already then, complex arrangements of companies and labels.
(Click on images to magnify. Both sides same design if only one image.)


  1. Hello there, I really like the design of sleeves and they give the right atmosphere to labels/music and feeling of the shellac era. I keep all my records in the matching sleeves (as far as I can get hold of them).

    For ODEON you made a little error: The sleeve by designer Werner Kruse (Robinson) was created in 1938 especially for ODEON SWING MUSIC SERIES, a special edition matching British PARLOPHONE RHYTHM STYLE SERIES NO.1 and partly NO.2.

    Kind regards from Berlin, Stephan ("jitterbug berlin")

    1. Hi Stephan, thank you for the pointer to your site - didn't know about that series and how these records were still being sold also then. (Did know of and quite like Teddy Stauffer.)
      Likewise try to match sleeve to the label, or at least with the right company. Afraid I can't match this sleeve yet - have no Swing Series record to go with it. Maybe one will turn up still :-)
      Again tnx & BR from the Low Countries!