Friday, September 18, 2015

Very well packed, arrived all in bits

A short while ago a large box arrived, having made a purchase off of Ebay from the typewriters section. (Shipper DPD certainly does like barcodes.)

The inside of the box showed the extensive and very good buffering.

With all the individual bits also very well wrapped (thank you, Joe!).

This is a Remington Portable #2 typewriter, or rather; most of the bits of a Remington Portable taken off a machine that was really rusted solid to 'boat-anchor' status.  Parts will be used in the rebuilding of my Portuguese-keyboard Portable that is currently underway. One of that machine's bearing-cage sprockets was gone and the state of the case is probably beyond my repair abilities. To my surprise on Ebay I found a case was offered for sale. (Everything can be found on the internet, amazing.) Talking with the seller it turned out he had an old Portable that was beyond repair and was selling the salvageable bits-n-bobs. Spare parts then!

The carriage assembly does show a bit of the state the whole machine was in. From the serial number, this was a British assembled machine from 1929. Apart from the bodywork panels lots of screws and bits - including a carriage bearing cage and a case. These will be used with the 1927 machine and who knows what next project - these Remington Portable machines I find good for tinkering with :-)


  1. Reading the post title, I was worried that this would be a tale of shipping disaster. So glad that it's actually the beginning of an interesting project. The rust on that carriage looks formidable.