Friday, October 2, 2015

Next (project...)

The Ranger Elite typewriter is fully cleaned, polished and oiled (where appropriate) and entered into The Database. It is pretty much in pristine condition, apart from a small white-out stain on the top left of the cover. I'll be passing on this machine to its new owner next week, but already a next 'impulse-buy' arrived.

Turns out to be more of a project than anticipated from the listing. The images were a bit dim, granted, but this one really needs some polishing. A small peek at the new side-project:

(Am sure the exact type will be identified quickly by the sphere of experts out there :-)


  1. Not an MP1 ('alas... I wish... : - )
    Spot on! An Adler Favorit 2 in black crinkle finish (and rather sorry state).