Monday, October 19, 2015

Remington Portable color choice

Choices! With the parts ready for painting, what color scheme to pick (it's a US made machine, hence color sans u :).

The original glossy black looks good, but this one will be color. In the twenties these little Remington Portable typewriters were also made in colors. Online I've seen pictures of all white and all green machines. And there are of course the fancy duo-tone color schemes. And with a repaint, some completely new scheme could be done too. So many options!

Playing around a bit with sketching colors to imagine what it'd look like. Not going to try to match one of the original colors and certainly not attempt a fancy crackle finish. The two-tone scheme works really well on these machines, so settled on an orange and cream scheme. Should look bright and cheerfully Southern and not too out of place for a twenties' machine.

The exact colors were then determined by what was available in the ready-made acrylic spray-can.

Should become a bright and cheerful looking little machine :-)


  1. Before I scrolled down I thought this was going to be a poll, and I was going to choose the orange.