Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Remington Portable wreckage

Bought this as a parts machine - spares or repair. Given how robust these little Remington Portable #2 typewriters are, this one has some remarkable damages. Somebody must have really pounded those keys to break parts and twist the metal inside the machine. Some of the damage must have been done a while ago; the older attempts at repair suggest it was still worthwhile to make the effort.

The clamping spring of the '2' clevis is broken off, this was 'fixed' with some wire spring. (How do you have to type to break that clamping spring?) Oh, and then the key return spring needed to be mangled to be attached again:

The 'Z' key is a new, different key - not just a new keyring. (How do you have to type to break off an entire key?) Also both shift keys have different, later keyrings:

The intermediate lever for the 'T' key is all bent out of shape. Did manage to get the key lever attached again, but it's out of alignment. Will require taking apart further to get at the levers:

The regular keytops are giving up. One of the fractions keys (British...) is bulging in an odd way, as if the celluloid cover has been too hot and soft:

To round it all off; probably in an attempt to improve the machine it was doused in oil. This has turned to tar now. (With a surprising amount of cat hair and general dust thrown in for good measure.)

A rather derelict Remington Portable #2 mechanism.

Now then, to repair or not to repair...  :)


  1. That is the question... Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the broken springs and rows of outrageous British fractions ... :)