Saturday, May 21, 2016

The modern way to write

With the current, slow project of resurrecting a battered Remington Portable #2 typewriter; to have a look at the target that we're aiming at. Some inspiration...

To add to the refurbished 1927 tangerine typewriter, some promotional literature advertising the machine. Reprints of brochures extolling the virtues of the Remington Portable typewriter for any man, woman or child.

On the very extensive oztypewriter site Mr Messenger posted scans of several advertising materials. (Thank you!) With a graphics program, these images were edited and touched up - stains and blemished removed, alignments adjusted and some areas newly made and extended. Then with some guesswork on the actual arrangement on a tri-fold brochure, printed these reproductions on smooth, cream paper.

Now there's a promise - the reports simply roll out of the machine!

To be fair - in its time it really was groundbreaking. This was the first standard keyboard, compact portable that really addressed the mass consumer market. (An emerging concept of itself, it could be argued). A fairly common machine to find today still, yet a very influential machine that defined much of the basic archetype of the portable typewriter for decades afterwards.

The modern way to write!


  1. Nice new ephemera package for your shiny Tangerine! :D

  2. Beautiful job cleaning up the old scans and creating the brochures.

  3. Typewriter ephemera restoration - what a good idea. :) Nice tangerine dream machine too.

  4. The machine reminds me of a blend of vanilla ice cream and orange sorbet. Nice work with the brochures!

  5. Try to get some paperwork with the machines, makes the package complete. Having a digital file to read on screen is one thing, on paper is still 'different'. The instruction booklet comes out nice on thin, smooth photo-gloss paper with a thick 'card' stock cover.

    Afraid no - won't post, they're Mr Messenger's images that I started with and spruced up. Very good high-res scans actually :-)

    The Remington booklet by the way I did post (my own scans of an original I have); is on as PDF.