Friday, October 11, 2019

Associated ephemera - haberdashery

Even though these are 'consumable' items, probably a great many of these cards survive - like these.

An amazing amount of these snap-fasteneres were jammed in in an old jam-jar. Amongst a load of fairly recent generics (for offspring to craft with), a surprising number of older cards. Many with the original product still on the card. A snapshot of haberdashery packaging from probably the late 1930-ies to the late 1960-ies.

Some cards have used fasteners snapped back onto a card - waste-not, want-not!

Some of the older Koh-I-Noor buttons/fasteners have an unusual 'castellated' rim, neat. The spelling of the advertising on the back of these does suggest a date no later than ~1950. (Dutch spelling evolves rather.) The one card that was the lower-corner of a sheet carries what is probably a printer's mark 'I 40', quite likely 1940.

Another little bit of trivia this threw up; there are a few 'Prym' cards in there as well. This company is still in business and has been producing metalwork since 1530. Still makes snap fasteners too.

Not quite so ephemeral :)


  1. Brings back memories of my Grandmother's sewing can filled with buttons and some of those same kinds of snaps.

  2. Huh, I have a Koh-I-Noor mechanical pencil on my desk organizer right now. a 5635 .5mm - I wonder if that's the same company that made those snaps? :D

  3. These objects are little "time-travel aids" - here too :-)
    Don't know if the two K-I-N are related, both Czech though. Also I noticed K-I-N is still in business -
    With the same snap-as-monocle logo - this is a very steady, traditional business it seems.