Sunday, August 29, 2021

Erika M Schreibmaschine in neuwertigem Zustand


The lacquer is truly shiny and without any damage. Likewise all the chrome is without any blemish. the decals are immaculate. The machine was not polished-up in any way, only lightly dusted off.

This belonged to a typewriter repairman who ran his own repair-shop. It was one machine that he kept for himself - perhaps a customer trade-in. Judging by the state of the machine and the fresh platen, he probably serviced it and then only used it very little. It was clearly stored well in a dry and warm spot for 40 or 50 years until it was bought from the repairman's descendants and picked-up yesterday.

The one plastic spool that was probably put on the machine some time in the 1980s will be replaced by a matching metal spool. Other than that, it will not be touched. Rather it will continue to be stored warm and dry and sometimes be used for typing (with care).

The serial number 702222/M makes this a (late) 1938 machine.

The one difference with 'the one that got away' is that this specimen has a German keyboard - as do most of these Erika M typewriters of course. It does fit the machine well (mit recht "deutscher Wertarbeit"), also it may lead to some more practice and improve my German (die Fälle hab ich nie so richtig gelernt - und es fehlt mir bisher die Übung...).

(Or alternativelz; this tzpewriter maz cause some yanz spelling :-)

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