Sunday, December 4, 2022

Monroe Model L 160-X calculator - How to Operate

The little Monroe Model L calculator was in very nice shape both cosmetically and functionally. However, these 'X' or 'Executive' models were originally supplied with a travel-case and of course an instruction manual - now added :)

A while back another Model L could be bought online that was in pretty rough shape, but still had its travel-case. It even came with the original key and an original cloth dust-cover. Age-wise, the two machines were very similar (1946 and 1945), so the case was adopted by the 'good machine'.

To make it complete, also a reproduction manual was printed. Using various images online of the instruction leaflet, the full text could be reconstructed. The new leaflet is not an exact reproduction, but more a 're-creation'. The text and examples are correct, but e.g. the layout has small differences and it uses a modern typeface. Nevertheless it looks credible with the machine and will be able to instruct any future users on how to operate the calculator.

How to operate Monroe adding-calculator Model L:

In case you have a little Model L calculator and want to add a new instruction leaflet; print double-sided on ~100g A4 paper, cut and score for folding at the guides on the outer-page.

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