Thursday, January 25, 2024

Starting re-building the Standard Folding Typewriter

Using the proven project-approach of putting all parts in little bags, the Standard Folding Typewriter was completely taken apart. This reduces the machine to a simple aluminum frame. 

The holders for the (new) rubber feet were already sanded bare and re-lacquered black.

Then one-by-one, all the parts are cleaned until there is a collection of clean parts in bags. The cleaning really made a difference. As illustration; the lower rod in below image looked just like the rod above it - very satisfying difference :)

Using the great step-by-step guide "How To Build A Standard Folding Typewriter: Part 1" at the Words are Winged blog as a guide, the first parts are mounted back into the frame. As advised, the shift-lock bracket was mounted before placing the main pivot-rod with the shift-keys.

Re-building started :-)

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