Friday, January 19, 2024

Typical Corona 3 folding typewriter - very clean

The little Corona is fully re-assembled and -importantly- also working again.

All the little plastic bags are emptied and a missing part replaced with a part from another (wreck) machine. 

The adjusting of the shifts probably would have benefited from special tools. To tighten the lock-nuts more easily without moving the screw also. Even though it is not too complex, feeling the position of one set of stops when the height is set with the other seems harder than it should be. Adjusting the segment and the type-guide also seems harder than it should be - the factory will have had jigs or special tools for this. (Oh, for a good photograph of the adjusting line in Groton! Or factory work-instructions ;-)

Anyhow the typewriter types again, still some tweaking to fix some remaining 'bi-chrome mixing'. Forming the ribbon-tab on the actuating-bar should work for that. New decal applied on the front frame-bar, the other decals are original.

The Corona 3 has the type-bar pivot-rod held not in a channel, but by screws in a slot in the segment - the four shiny set-screws just visible between the type-bars.

The binding of the carriage had an unexpected cause. After tweaking and tuning (bending) all the clamps and guides of the carriage, it turned out to be the spring-drum itself that was fouling its mounting-plate. A very thin brass washer solved that, it now advances without hesitation as it should.

Should've taken pictures of the 'before' state of the machine; even with a seemingly rusty and grimy machine it can come out very shiny. The typewriter is now also very clean, no dirt even in the deeper recesses of the mechanism; also good to know for a machine kept indoors :)

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