Monday, May 19, 2014

Linguaphone wordmark

When mocking-up an index label for the small record case a while ago, I couldn't find a clean graphic of a suitable period logo of Linguaphone online. They are of course still an active company that have updated their wordmark over the decades. So the old, 1930-ies style wordmark is not so readily found on a net-search. Even if it's online, it is being drowned out by the current logo.

So used a plain sans-serif (Gill). The original index label also did not use the ornate wordmark (in gold on inside of the lid), but a simple sans-serif text.

Then a couple of weeks after that, I got another small set of records that were put in old Linguaphone sleeves. These are tabbed sleeves as would have been used in this small carrying case with index label for a language course. (With extra information on other available courses, including a plug by/for Mr. Shaw.)

Too late for the mocked-up index label for the carrying case; but now here on the web an old style Linguaphone wordmark taken from the sleeve in a clean image file. Will probably still be drowned out by the more recent logo in a web-search, but there is at least 1 image file online now. Maybe for a next project :)

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