Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Portable #2 Project

First new typewriter purchase in over a year. It is a bit of a project. Mostly complete I think, with lots of  accumulated grime and dust. Rust also.

For a while I had been looking for a Remington Portable with the folding typebar mechanism, ideally one from the 30-ies (a 'Compact Portable'). But the paint on this one made it stand out. So even though it is (I think) a 1928 model, contacted the seller and got it.

Nice touch is that the red Remington label is placed on the case under the keyboard. It's in need of a thorough cleaning and de-rusting, but the paintwork and overall machine will I think be worth working on. Likely will need some new nickel plating too.

Serial number NL84802.


  1. You are brave man but I admire a rescue attempt for such stunning paintwork. Can I recommend Mr Polt's refurb guide? He's a bit of a Remington nut so may have some good advice.

    1. :-) it is a bit daunting, I'll admit. Might need not so much a refurb but a rebuild guide for this one. Maybe I'll clean it and leave it in its aged state. Any advice will be very welcome on this one, probably want to take carriage apart to really clean and fix.

      Amazingly it pretty much still works fine as it is now, types a charm.

    2. Donor machine for irretrievable parts? msybe you'll be in luck and just need a deep clean and some OOOOO grade wire wool and oil. My most far gone machine was a Remington Rand Model 1. Some of that journey is documented here: http://typewriterheaven.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/remington-rand-mod-1-progress.html

      ...though my issues were more with liquefied/hardened synthetic rubber.

    3. Maybe need a donor - looks mostly complete though.

      Tnx for the link. Also here rubber is a bit weird, front feedrollers are jellified, rear are rock-hard and the platen hasn't decided yet (may settle for 'dust'). Nevertheless it does still all work somehow. Paint is very fragile unfortunately, flakes off just by looking at it.

      Will clean (sanitize!) it and put it on the shelf a bit to think about what to do (and first finish my current HMV 101 project).

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, 'a diamond in the rust' more like :)

  3. A perfect thing to do on the weekend.

  4. Wow, so glad i found your posts. I just picked up a Remington Portable # 2 in red also. It's from 1928 also ( # V 122149 though). Mine is all red with black crackle paint panels, so close but different Mine is also tired, and grimy, and the carriage return/advance lever is broken off 2/3 of the way down. But it is a beauty like yours. My feed rollers seem to be intact, but flat sided, and the platen is fine.
    Two of the other dealers at the mall, said they almost bought it for the color! I think that we're very lucky to have the "scarlet women"
    Thanks for the encouragement, and let us see yours when it's totally done. (I've seen your latest post on it - she's getting there)

    1. Congratulations on your find!
      That would be color variation No. 21 "Mountain Ash Scarlet" then.
      Wonder how many of the RP2's were colored. The regular's luckily are plentiful, getting a lost-cause parts machine should be practical to get a new lever. Good luck with your project (and enjoy!), these really are fun little machines.