Friday, May 2, 2014

Price of a new Corona 3 typewriter

That was a couple of days ago. Can't find the ad back again, very likely already sold. It looked in very good condition, complete with original tools. And of course with the original invoice.

The price-index table is here at the Dutch central statistics bureau, the 'CBS'. With the price development of items being different and the income development also varying quite a bit, no single index number is 'true', but it does give an impression of the order of magnitude. (These income and price developments are even more widely divergent when looking at North America and Europe over the last century.)

Also looking at some indexed prices of standards (desktops) and portables (laptops), there seems to be an approximate value for the function of creating documents (office) that is reasonably constant over time.

The value of the benefit, rather than the cost of the solution perhaps.

A thought (:

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