Sunday, August 3, 2014

En easy guide for operating the Remington Portable Typewriter

Part of the preparations for tackling the Remington Portable #2 with the fancy paintwork was seeking out a manual. When getting/restoring a typewriter, I do like to have it complete with a correct user manual.

Oddly, for such a popular and reasonably common machine there was little available online to be able to print out a good quality facsimile. Amazingly there was available for sale online a copy of the manual of the right period. A bit of an outlay (nearly as much as the machine itself), but as we're probably sticking to one machine per year just went ahead and got it.

In stark contrast to the current project machine itself, the instruction booklet is in fine condition. It is missing the page 13 where the user is requested to cut out the keyboard diagram, but it did come with another two loose card keyboard diagrams. The booklet suggests a printing date of 1927. The inserted keyboard diagram cards are from November 1929 and May 23rd 1931 respectively.

The booklet I've now scanned and cleaned up a bit and made as a PDF for easy reference and downloading. The actual booklet is 6" by 8 1/4" with a thin, greenish-grey card cover and the usual thin, smooth paper pages.

The easy guide for operating the Remington Portable Typewriter is available here in high resolution (~18MB) or in rather low resolution (~788kB). Also uploaded to the Internet Archive here.

(Please do download and keep a copy and/or put up another copy on the internet. Things vanish on this internet without a trace when least expected...)


  1. Nice job on the scanning, Robert.Thanks for passing it on, and for the reminder of the Internet Archive.

  2. A beautiful and useful document, thanks for sharing (:

  3. Excellent. Thank you! This is a great help with my recently-acquired Portable. Nice, how these things work out. Nice scanning job, too.

  4. Yoink!
    Thank you kindly, sir.

  5. Thank you :) The archive is a great place with a lot of 20th century culture - hope it lasts (a while).
    The scanning took some tweaking, scanner doesn't like non-DIN formats; but got it in the end :)
    Good luck (and congrats) on your new RP, with an easy guide now! Odd that R. never put a small pocket os such in the case to hold the booklet; Corona set such a good example there for them... (Hmm, though even there most got lost I think.)
    Again very welcome and plz do download/mirror on the Typosphere :-)