Friday, August 28, 2020

How to use Corona Floating Shift Models

 Have the typewriter, now also got the instructions to go with it.

Must admit to being a 'completist', and the Corona Speedline being a 1938 model with a gloss finish it should have a user manual that shows that finish (and not the 40-ies crinkle and stripes finish). So all illustrations in this printing show the typewriter with the plain, glossy finish.

The instruction booklet covers are a little yellowed, but other than that is in great condition. It scanned fine; so without any editing straight to PDF. Now available on The Archive: How to use Corona Floating Shift Models.

Again and still for the purpose to give all users of these brilliant portable typewriters clear and definite directions for the use and care of their machines:


Saturday, August 8, 2020

Igranic Honeycomb Coil

Browsing a Meccano Magazine back issue (the November 1924 edition), an advertisement for radio components caught the eye.

Specifically the coil pictured in the left-top corner. Hadn't paid much attention to these ads before, but last week a pair of coils for use with the crystal radio had arrived. (Ordered from the global bric-a-brac shop that is the internet).

The coil in the advertisement is labeled as the number 500 and this specimen is a number '150', but other than that it's the exact same type. Complete with frequency chart and the 'what the wild waves are saying' motto.

This neatly confirm that this coil is contemporary to the 1923 Edison Bell crystal radio set that it'll be kept with. This coil and another Edison Bell number 100 coil came plugged into a little tuning component, adjusting the coupling of two coils (De Forest).  

The nickelled fitting were badly corroded and dirty, but as is often the case with nickelled parts they came back fine from an encounter with Brasso and a cloth. The black parts are hard rubber, these were simply cleaned and given a thin polish with vaseline to help preserve and make them look better. 

The little setup was bought mainly because of the Edison Bell coil that looked intact - the Igranic coil was a bonus :)