Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Remington keyboard layout No. 645 (UNMIF)

The keyboard of this sunny little Remington Portable typewriter looked clearly Portuguese.

Now confirmed that it indeed is Portuguese; it is Remington typewriter keyboard layout number 645. For ordering use telegraph code "UNMIF" - well, back in the 1920s you could have.

On the Archive are scans of Remington typewriter keyboards. These pages give an extraordinary insight into the wide variety of regional keyboard layouts, the vast number of (to my eye) minor variations, very specialised trade-layouts and specials for large companies.

The pre-printed characters on the form also show Remington's most common variations in keyboards - the q, y, z and a were filled out by hand and the rest of the letter-characters were standard and printed. 

Almost 2000 different layouts must've been kept on file at the company - now many scanned and available on the Archive - with many thanks to the uploader!