Sunday, November 17, 2013

Manufactured in Cincinnati

Made around 1926 I estimate. Serial number NO201609. Looks like it's been in a battle (and came out badly), but it still works fine! Have now had it 10 years or so, a gift from my in-laws (they know me :)

Scratches to the logo probably from an old cleaning attempt of the lettering...

Much of the original woodgrain finish now blends with the brown of surface rust. Nevertheless the mechanism is still oiled well, all springs still attached and working magnificently.

The adding machine adds, subtracts and prints just as it was designed to do.

(The number of ads for adding machine repair men in newspapers of the time make me fear for the mechanism to go wrong. Touching wood.) 


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    1. Impressively complex and solidly built: Chapeau!
      (Most machines make do with a 'made in the u.s.a.', but this one makes a point of stating its city of manufacture.)