Friday, December 9, 2016

Fine steel wool and some wax

New arrival - not in a black leathercloth case. The case has sustained some scuffs and scratches, protecting the item inside. Nickel plating direct on plain steel is not the most durable finish, vulnerable to corroding in moisture.

Started the cleaning - most satisfying when taking some steel wool to the handle. Won't bring back the plating, but it will look (and be!) much cleaner again.

Similarly taking some furniture wax to the case. The lacquer has been scratched and dented. Not going to re-finish the case, but some wax on the scratches will protect the wood and make the scratches much less noticeable.

Next up will be the item inside, some careful cleaning should do it. There's however a bit of a challenge waiting with some inaccessible screws needing tightening...

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