Sunday, December 3, 2023

Typewriter cleaning-project approach - lots of little bags with little projects

Just started, the cleaning of a Corona 3 folding typewriter.

With a very simple machine, such as e.g. that little pencil-sharpener, all is taken apart and laid out for cleaning. A typewriter however is a large job with several-hundred parts, even for a little folding portable this is intimidating. Daren't attempt that. Also, the projects are mostly done at the kitchen-table so it is important to be able to put everything away.

The solution settled on is lots of little plastic bags. As panels are taken off, they are bagged, the screws are put in a small bag - this bag kept with the panel in a larger bag. As 'units' or sub-assemblies are taken off the machine, they all get put in their own bags with all the screws. When in doubt (e.g. left-right mirrored assemblies) a note is added to the bag describing what the parts are. (And photos are taken before taking off a unit, these pictures are often needed later. :)

This Corona 3 folding typewriter I've had for about a year now. It was very dirty, a little rusty and mostly complete. Small spots of sewing-machine oil were placed on all visible screws before putting it away, so all screws now should come out with relatively little trouble. Ready to be cleaned/restored and get it typing properly again.

When most of the parts on a 'module' are accessible, these are taken off and cleaned one-by-one. E.g. here the carriage base parts are taken off one 'unit' at a time, cleaned and then put back. Small trays are useful to keep screws and whatnots with the sub-assembly.

This way, the amount of scattered parts at a time is limited. This also makes it possible to do a relaxed, slow typewriter cleaning/restoration project as a series of small projects. This method e.g. was also used in the recent full taking-apart down to its baseplate of the Oliver 3 (and its subsequent rebuilding).

The little Corona will be a relaxed, slow cleaning project - or rather; a series of small projects for an evening or afternoon of relaxing tinkering.

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