Friday, June 29, 2018

Talkie art deco (use each needle only once)

When playing records on a 78 rpm wind-up gramophone, every side needs to be played with a new needle - so these needles were widely sold. Mostly in small tins of 200 needles. This is just such a tin. Très art deco.

The design and labelling 'Columbia Talkie Needles' is partly obscured by the paper wrap-around seal. As is the message to 'use each needle once only'.

The paper seal repeats at the bottom of the tin that it contains 200 needles.

When breaking the seal and opening the tin, the paper inlay again cautions against using a needle more than once.

When lifting up the paper, the reverse again repeats the message to use each needle once only!

And inside are still about 200 pristine gold-toned needles; to be used once ONLY.

(Having survived to this day, these needles may not be used for a while, or ever - not even once only.  :-)


  1. Use each needle only once - don't want your 78s getting the HIV :P

  2. And if you used a needle twice...?

    1. The needle starts digging into the record due to how its been deformed after one play. Puts on a mask, haunts the opera. That sort of thing.

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  4. Wow, that's gorgeous. I need one now, just to add an extra art deco umph to my player.