Friday, June 8, 2018

Then two come at once

Like the proverbial buses. A few weeks after buying a Joseph Schmidt record, I got a small rack of records via/from a colleague and that contained the same record.

Listed on the index booklet for the Plattofix record rack, at the bottom of the page the record by Joseph Schmidt: O Sole Mio and La Paloma.

This Plattofix rack probably dates from the forties', but most of the records are older. The index seems to have been filled out over a short period, the records loosely ordered by genre. Later some records were probably broken, their entry replaced with a stuck-on label written in another hand.

Again the same record, but surprisingly now on the fairly uncommon Esta label, made in Czechoslovakia with all label text in German (export). 

This seems exactly the same recording as the Elite Special record (Swiss) from a few weeks ago. The same artist and same orchestra and sung in German. Strangely though, the matrix is different - they did do a transfer.

Similar to The Typewriterdatabase, there is an online collaborative database for shellacs. (And a few other, more private sites.) On this community database site ( these two recordings can be found first on a 1932 release on the Broadcast label. Either the recording was sold to others after Broadcast was shut down in '34, or it was a recording (Ultraphone?) widely sold for some time to any and all.

Anyways it is neat to see how a collaborative database can add information on niche subjects, this would not have been so easy to see before 'the information age'.


  1. I've perused those databases a bit looking for interesting records. In my phonographic endeavors, I've ended up with a couple doubles of the same record, and a few variations of the same song, but done with different artists. Haven't quite found an exact copy of a song on a different label though, that's for sure.

  2. heh, love collaborative databases. still hoping someone builds a collaborative calculator db, I have data to contribute (:

  3. The 45worlds has nice browsing features, the graph showing records over the years is really neat.
    When the CalculatorAndAddingMachineDatabase appears, I'll have a Dalton and an Addiator to add :-)